All Natural Organic Deodorant


This homemade deodorant is specially designed for women. It contains herbs that are used to promote lymph flow. I used Calendula to infuse the Organic Coconut Oil.
Instead of applying a chemical laden, potentially toxic-to-your-breasts product under your arms each day, try this! It really works great.


Calendula infused Coconut Oil - Coconut Oil is used because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Calendula Herbs are one of the many that are often used to soften lumps and promote healthy breasts.

Neem Oil – a strong antimicrobial oil that fights odor causing bacteria, it also has a strong scent. Consult Doctor before using if pregnant or breast feeding.

Arrowroot Powder & Kaolin Clay – absorbs excess moisture and odors.

Hemp Oil – Has skin nourishing properties and it absorbs into the skin well.

Shea Butter – protects and conditions skin.

Beeswax – makes this deodorant thick enough to apply using a tube style container.

Essential Oils – mostly for scent, but tea tree is antimicrobial and lavender is skin soothing.