Hand poured Nono-GMO Soy Candles


These luscious candles come in various scents along with its own Kraft Box wrapped with a double sided silk, sage green ribbon making it a lovely gift.

The container is a black, straight sided tumbler jar that has a black coating on the inside of the container for an added modern aesthetic. Sleek and clean, these jars diffuse the candle light inside the container for a softer glow. I also have amber glass with other scents such as White Tea & Berries, Rosemary, Very Vanilla and Clean Cotton.

Made of 100% Kosher Non-GMO Soy Wax grown in the U.S.A, hand poured to 9oz.

Perfect gift for your man, your son, your brother, etc...I set out to make manly scented candles for that guy who wants to kick back, smoke a cigar and have a whiskey, maybe write some music, who knows. I just know that whenever I light these candles... everyone just seems to relax and let all of the daily stresses disappear.