Organic Ceremonial MATCHA Green Tea Oil Cleanser for Sensitive Skin (Vegan)


Finally, a cleansing oil that actually cleanses and tightens your pores without leaving you oily. Great for people with dry/acne prone/sensitive skin.

Why is Matcha Green Tea great in a cleansing Oil?

Green tea is proven to reduce inflammation, soothe agitation, promote even skin tone, and even provide protection from sun damage. It’s great for sensitive skin as it lacks harsh irritants and all the antioxidants combat the signs of aging caused by free-radicals.


Organic Sweet Almond Oil
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (California)
Organic Avocado Oil
Organic Castor Oil
Organic Grapeseed Oil
Organic Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea

Essential Oils:

Organic Arnica Oil
Organic Calendula Oil
Organic Rosemary Oil
Jasmine Oil (100% Therapeutic grade)
Organic Turmeric Oil
Organic Rose Otto Oil

Facebook Review:

Lynn Schofield
March 26 at 10:39am

So...Yes, another great beauty product from Joli Savons...if you haven't yet tried the Matcha facial cleanser...your missing my new favorite"spa" experience at home...adore it!

I have to say...people may be weary about using a cleansing oil instead of a soapy wash(which will NOT clean the skin or prevent the aging process) another misconception is...I shouldn't use oil because"I have oily skin". Well...listen if you have oily skin and use an oil cleanser...your skin will NOT produce more oily sebum, in fact it will produce less. If you use a foamy soap will produce more oily sebum and that WILL clog your pores. I dont like to use this analogy but...just think if you have a leather saddle and oil it every day it will last (and look GREAT for 100 years) if you use will look cracked and old! Think about it!